Perfectly Prepared

She swivelled around on her chair and eyed the large cupboard. Proudly, her eyes scanned through the boxes of snacks and treats. Yes. This might just get her through this year’s NaNo. Last year, she just hadn’t had enough food and then she had wasted time going out to buy more. Obviously that’s what stopped her from reached the 50k she had to write.

It was five minutes to midnight. Five minutes until she could jump headfirst into that story she had been planning for months.

Now, she had every chocolate bar she had seen in the store, all the Halloween candy, two boxes of cocoa, marshmallows, boxes of pure sugar, coffee…

Wait, she thought. The coffee… Hadn’t it been sitting right there on that shelf?

She didn’t need any of the snacks. Really, it was just the coffee that would keep her going… Now, where was it, she thought, stressing out already, as the minutes kept ticking down, rummaging through the apartment.

And then her alarm clock went off, November was there and the coffee wasn’t. Not even a single word entered her head apart from ‘shit’.

© 2016

FFfAW, October 11th 2016

Photo prompt provided by Maria, with the blog Doodles and Scribbles

15 responses to “Perfectly Prepared”

  1. This is how my NanoWrimo experience went last year lol

    1. Oh dear!! …and consequently you’ve started stocking up on coffee since December last year? 😉

  2. Wait…can she find a pen? No matter, she’s going to use her laptop, but she can’t start yet: the battery needs charging.

    1. And now she’s written something, but where did that USB drive go? Oh no… Word just crashed…

  3. Hahaha! I think that would be the word on my lips too if I were her! Especially not having any coffee!! LOL! Great story Felicia!

    1. Hahaha! Thank you 🙂

  4. I don’t know if it’s worse but running out of milk has to be up there on the guilty list of things that stop the word count. Cant be drinking black tea… Ick!

    1. Really? I prefer black tea… Let’s place both milk and tea up there on that list 😉 I’d need the milk for making hot chocolate!

      1. I always forget about hot chocolate. Good winter drink, perfect for Nano 🙂

      2. Yup! Perfect for the cold weather 🙂

  5. Coffee is definitely an essential during NaNo! Great story. 🙂

    1. Most certainly! Thanks 🙂

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