Night at the Motel

**Sorry, sorry, sorry. Yes, I know, this turned out way longer than I expected to. The muse just carried me away. I’ll try and keep it shorter again next time!**

“Perfect!” he chirped. “There’s a motel right here. Pull over, darling. This is where we can spend our night.”

She smiled slightly, not replying. He thought she was contemplating what they would be doing that night, but instead, she drove right past the turn of the motel’s parking lot.

“Darling…” he shook his head. “Let’s turn around. Don’t you think that one would have been perfect? There’s nothing here for miles around. We’ll never find another place.”

She drove on, still only giving him her silence, which was making him feel increasingly uncomfortable.

“I know where I’m going,” she said, her voice perfectly calm and collected. He looked at her hands, controlling the wheel. Something about them was wrong, he thought.

He ignored it and looked outside. He reeled back in shock. They were headed straight for the cliff. He grabbed the steering wheel, yanking it away from the edge and stopping the car.

“You idiot!” she hissed at him. “I was trying to save us. You really don’t understand, do you?” Her hands were shaking, he realised now, as she stared into his eyes.

Behind her through the window, he watched a car pull up beside them. Four men got out, surrounding the car and pointing their guns at it.

He let go of her slowly, staring wildly at the scene. He had been hoping for a great night with her and this was what it turned into.

“Now do you understand?” she said, pulling him back to the present. Her fingers clasped a tiny object. Watching him, she tilted her head back and placed the capsule of cyanide on her tongue.

“No!” he screamed, but it was too late. Her body started convulsing, and from outside the car shots were now raining on him, around him, into him, and he joined her in the afterlife.

© 2016

FFftPP, Week #22 – 2016

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9 responses to “Night at the Motel”

  1. Exciting and exhilarating piece. I thought she was crazy but it turns out she was trying to save them. If only he hadn’t interfered, now they’re both dead! Great write!

    1. Thank you! Not sure she really was trying to save them… more like she was trying to save whatever secret she had by taking that cyanide pill. Perhaps she could have gotten them away from the men though, if he hadn’t interfered!

  2. wwwpalfitness

    Very Saucy

    1. Thanks 😀

      1. wwwpalfitness

        You’re welcome:)

  3. Ooh exciting! At least the bad guys didn’t get what they were after!

    1. Yup! Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Wow tough call, over the cliff or shot to pieces…

    1. Yeah, I don’t think I ever want to stand at that crossroads.. Thanks for reading!

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