The Alibi

He stared outside at the glum world below. The cable car was going at an alarmingly slow speed, crawling up the hill. He sighed and hoped that he would not be late to the meeting. His boss had already called him once before, warning him that this meeting was important and he couldn’t afford toContinue reading “The Alibi”

Unearthing the Past

What is that, she thought curiously, as she stepped closer to the old rusted frame. She brushed aside the tangles of grass and bush and only then did she recognise her old fish tank. She scowled. So this was where it had gone. Someone had just dumped it into the middle of the woods afterContinue reading “Unearthing the Past”


“Darling, turn it off please.” “But they’ve only just started the race. Look at how they’re all gaining speed. It’s magnificent!” “The guests are here. They’re waiting in the living room. Please come over.” “…and the corner. Look how they race around that corner! All that power and they still manage to stay on track!”Continue reading “Celebrating”

U for Usurp

This was the perfect costume, he thought grinning to himself, as he climbed into the massive rubbery dinosaur costume. A little too large, but there was a perfect opening for the mouth which he could not only use to see through, but also to spray the chloroform he was carrying. Ready to go, he easedContinue reading “U for Usurp”

O for Oil

He had seen everything happen as though in slow motion. The car zooming by beneath his window, illuminated by headlights and streetlights. The traffic lights switching from green to red and back to green again. Over and over again. He stood staring, stuck in his mind, seeing the cars but not really seeing them. HeContinue reading “O for Oil”

E for Eerie

I was going to post this last night, but my internet crashed just as I was about to hit publish. Anyway, it’s back up now, and the post has finally arrived on my blog! 🙂 Enjoy **Hey everyone! So I thought I would make this more fun by joining the A to Z blogging challenge!Continue reading “E for Eerie”

The Meeting in the Storm

“He said he’d meet me here at the next storm,” he stubbornly insisted, turning back towards the large field. His hair was drenched and stuck to his forehead and the rain kept hammering against his face. “Please, the storm’s getting worse. Come inside,” she begged him, standing slightly in the shade of the house, thoughContinue reading “The Meeting in the Storm”


“Gunfire! Gunfire! Everyone, to the guns!” the captain yelled against the roaring sound. There was a scramble below decks, as everyone hurried to take position. The captain looked across the dark stormy sea, trying to figure out where the other ship was. So far, he could make out no distinct shapes, but at the wayContinue reading “Gunfire”

A Visit to the Zoo

He had been closely watching the zookeeper for three days now. Carrying food to the rhinoceroses and clearing away faeces. He smirked at the strange turn of events as he watched him from the small bridge. When the zoo closed for the night, he hid in one of the bushes, his dark green clothes nicelyContinue reading “A Visit to the Zoo”

Crossing the Channel

There were barely any clouds in the sky, just thin white stripes marking the otherwise clear blue ceiling above them. Sitting in the car, the children were singing about summer and the beach. The mother sighed. The sky sure loved to play around with them. She was sure that it was going to rain soon.Continue reading “Crossing the Channel”