A smile tugged at her lips as she took a step closer. “This is adorable,” she said, her voice hushed.  It was their one-year anniversary. She hadn’t thought he’d even remember.  She took another step closer, the field of flowers spreading out in front of her.  It was one of a kind. “Just for you,”Continue reading “Anniversary”

The Crack of a Floorboard

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen the back of an elephant before,” she whispered amused, nudging him with her arm. He didn’t reply. She turned her torch back toward him. “Everything okay?” He wasn’t looking at her. His eyes were fixed on something behind her, his brows creased. A knot of unease formed in herContinue reading “The Crack of a Floorboard”

The End

I looked down at the tiny cars way down below. They were so far away, they almost looked like toy cars. I sighed and turned back into the room hundreds of floors above. “You sure you want to do this?” The man opposite me nodded solemnly. He was down on one knee, looking at meContinue reading “The End”


She moved her fingers along the spines of the books, feeling their weight underneath them. Scanning for a book she hadn’t read yet, she remembered all those years she had spent in the library, always looking for something new to read. She tried to remember the first time she had walked into the place, butContinue reading “Remembering”


It was way too dark to see anything anymore, he thought, annoyed at himself for having chosen the late flight. He stood beneath the warm glow of the streetlight, watching the mosquitos gathering there. He should move, he realised, or he’d end up being their dinner. Sighing, he tried to focus his eyes on theContinue reading “Abroad”

The Apartment

He turned away from the window. The view was far too industrial for his liking. The room too did not feel right. He wanted a nice and cosy apartment, but this one felt unwelcoming and hard. He shivered a little. Maybe the heater was just switched off, he thought, but dismissed the thought again whenContinue reading “The Apartment”

The Cannon

She sighed as she locked up the heavy wooden door behind her. The last visitors had gone now. At last she was alone, she thought, looking up at the old cannon next to the bench. It was a strange place to have it there, she mused, as she always did. Though she was meant toContinue reading “The Cannon”

Three Stars

“But it’s not Christmas, mummy!” her youngest daughter exclaims, looking at the three star-shaped candles on the table. She smiles thinly and continues lighting them in silence. “I honestly don’t know why you always loved those candles so much,” her elder daughter says, shaking her head. She shrugs and stares into the flames. “You haven’tContinue reading “Three Stars”

Burnt Pies

“The pies?” her daughter said, pointing up and laughing. “Pies…” she repeated, her mind suddenly spinning. “Shit! I forgot to take the pies out of the oven!” She hit the brakes hard, then sped up again, realising she was on a highway, with no place to stop or turn around. She cursed again, then silentlyContinue reading “Burnt Pies”

Playing With Liquids

“Look, momma! I’m just staring at the glasses and the juices are moving away from me!” I glanced up from my work, annoyed that my son had yet again dragged me out of my work. I had an article to write, why didn’t children understand that? I sighed dramatically. “Of course it is, Joe.” IContinue reading “Playing With Liquids”