The Bad News

She stared out at the dark countryside, waiting for the plane to finally touch down. The last rays of sunshine were breaking through the clouds in the sky, but she knew it was trying to give her hope, make her believe life wasn’t so bad after all. In Boston, her sick father was waiting forContinue reading “The Bad News”


The shadows were lengthening, her time slipping away. She quickened her pace. She had to make it to the end of the tunnel, then it would be easy. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she looked up. The cage-like bars of the tunnel’s roof made her feel slightly insecure, though she was glad that sheContinue reading “Trapped”

Perfectly Prepared

She swivelled around on her chair and eyed the large cupboard. Proudly, her eyes scanned through the boxes of snacks and treats. Yes. This might just get her through this year’s NaNo. Last year, she just hadn’t had enough food and then she had wasted time going out to buy more. Obviously that’s what stoppedContinue reading “Perfectly Prepared”


She moved her fingers along the spines of the books, feeling their weight underneath them. Scanning for a book she hadn’t read yet, she remembered all those years she had spent in the library, always looking for something new to read. She tried to remember the first time she had walked into the place, butContinue reading “Remembering”


The hallway was long and narrow; the ceilings a lifetime away. He hated the whiteness of the walls, the smell that crept under his skin and buried itself in his nose for hours afterwards. He hated having to come here. He hated the cancer that had so suddenly pounced on his wife. He felt tearsContinue reading “Helpless”

Enough is Enough

Enough is enough, she thought angrily, as her feet pounded across the gravel. She was twenty-two years old and her mother had yet again tried to marry her off, this time trying to add on top of it that he was willing to employ her in some dumb office job. He had not even beenContinue reading “Enough is Enough”

Crumbled to Dust

Staring out through the tinted glass of the window, he focused on the cranes below. He frowned. How many weeks had they been there now? It must have been months. The ruins of the building opposite were only slowly being removed and there were still shards of glass on the pavement. The bomb had explodedContinue reading “Crumbled to Dust”