S for Saviour

He winced as the other man removed the wire around his neck. “Thank you so much,” he said, stretching out both his hands, but realising that the man was still holding the wire, he took them back. “You are my saviour. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you.” The man gentlyContinue reading “S for Saviour”

K for Key

“Those are the directions…” He scrunched up his face, staring at the map he was holding. It was ancient, but he knew that they were in the right place, even if it barely resembled the real landscape. Thousands of years later, people were still looking for the key. It was made of pure gold, ifContinue reading “K for Key”

G for Gagged

She hated herself for going to the party. Hated herself for having to go to the bathroom. Mostly, she hated herself for not knowing how to react. The guy had grabbed her from behind, twisting her arms and knocking the air from her lungs with his fists. She would be taking a course in self-defence.Continue reading “G for Gagged”

E for Eerie

I was going to post this last night, but my internet crashed just as I was about to hit publish. Anyway, it’s back up now, and the post has finally arrived on my blog! 🙂 Enjoy **Hey everyone! So I thought I would make this more fun by joining the A to Z blogging challenge!Continue reading “E for Eerie”

Circle of Life

“Stop saying ‘It’s just the circle of life’! For God’s sake my rabbit was eaten!” she shrieked at her brother, punching him for each word she said. He shrank away from her slightly, but did not attempt to redeem himself. Instead he grinned and shrugged. “Well, it is. Look at the waves out there. They’llContinue reading “Circle of Life”

Forgotten Batteries

That was all she was going to leave me, I thought exasperated, a box full of empty batteries? Looking around the apartment, it felt just as empty there now. All her stuff gone, it was just my tidy little corner of the room that was left. We had had a row the night before. SheContinue reading “Forgotten Batteries”

The Collector

Shocked and repulsed, he took a step backwards. There, on the wall to his right, was a gigantic deer’s head. Slightly shaken, he turned his back on it. The man opposite of him was watching him closely, his head angled slightly to the side, a lion examining his prey. “Certainly an extraordinarily… impressive living room,”Continue reading “The Collector”

Enough is Enough

Enough is enough, she thought angrily, as her feet pounded across the gravel. She was twenty-two years old and her mother had yet again tried to marry her off, this time trying to add on top of it that he was willing to employ her in some dumb office job. He had not even beenContinue reading “Enough is Enough”

Crumbled to Dust

Staring out through the tinted glass of the window, he focused on the cranes below. He frowned. How many weeks had they been there now? It must have been months. The ruins of the building opposite were only slowly being removed and there were still shards of glass on the pavement. The bomb had explodedContinue reading “Crumbled to Dust”