Just a Scarecrow

It’s just a scarecrow, she told herself sternly, breathing a sigh of relief. And yet it looked so real from the distance… She mustn’t let it get to her, she thought, she was starting to get paranoid. It was strange how a puppet of straw could give her such a fright, but she knew sheContinue reading “Just a Scarecrow”

The Cannon

She sighed as she locked up the heavy wooden door behind her. The last visitors had gone now. At last she was alone, she thought, looking up at the old cannon next to the bench. It was a strange place to have it there, she mused, as she always did. Though she was meant toContinue reading “The Cannon”

In Broad Daylight

“It was really dark last night, but I’m pretty sure this is the place,” she said, shivering again. “So you have no idea who it was that came at you from behind?” he asked, though he had asked before and knew the answer. “No,” she shook her head and turned away. “Look, I really don’tContinue reading “In Broad Daylight”


“You never do anything halfway…” she said, looking at him questioningly. Half of the parrot sculpture had been painted a rich blue, while the other half was still bare and white. Perhaps he wasn’t done yet, she thought, shrugging. “You’re right,” he said, watching her closely. “I never do anything only halfway. I’m not theContinue reading “Betrayals”

Afraid of the Dark

I sat in my seat by the window, staring outside at the rain. It was a glum world that rushed by me. Cold, wet and certainly reflecting my feelings. I didn’t want to go see my parents. But, as always, it couldn’t be avoided. “A matchbox, lady, please,” a voice said next to me. IContinue reading “Afraid of the Dark”

Three Stars

“But it’s not Christmas, mummy!” her youngest daughter exclaims, looking at the three star-shaped candles on the table. She smiles thinly and continues lighting them in silence. “I honestly don’t know why you always loved those candles so much,” her elder daughter says, shaking her head. She shrugs and stares into the flames. “You haven’tContinue reading “Three Stars”

The Grave

The bone lay openly on the brick wall. I gulped and took a step closer, shortening the rope of my dog’s leash. I didn’t know what kind of bone it was, but it looked slightly raw and the edges were ragged, as though there had been meat on it just hours before. I felt sick.Continue reading “The Grave”

Our House

I stared at the old photograph. Its edges were worn and wrinkled; it had always been lying around on my desk, just waiting for me to finally go down to the shops and buy a frame. The stone house in the picture stirred old memories. It had been our house. My best friend had foundContinue reading “Our House”


I stare out across the water at the skyscrapers lining the horizon. The sky is grey, echoing my feelings. What have we done? I don’t know whether to be proud anymore, or whether I should have regrets. Was this the right thing to do? We parted ways immediately, not acknowledging one another. Procedure, we bothContinue reading “Doubts”

Burnt Pies

“The pies?” her daughter said, pointing up and laughing. “Pies…” she repeated, her mind suddenly spinning. “Shit! I forgot to take the pies out of the oven!” She hit the brakes hard, then sped up again, realising she was on a highway, with no place to stop or turn around. She cursed again, then silentlyContinue reading “Burnt Pies”