It was way too dark to see anything anymore, he thought, annoyed at himself for having chosen the late flight. He stood beneath the warm glow of the streetlight, watching the mosquitos gathering there. He should move, he realised, or he’d end up being their dinner. Sighing, he tried to focus his eyes on theContinue reading “Abroad”

The Return

She stared at the sea shell for a second, before looking up again. “It’s odd,” she said quietly, “being here again after all this time.” He stayed silent, his hand protectively covering her shoulder. “He beat her up; then, when she was finally unconscious, threw her body into the waves.” Her body shivered at theContinue reading “The Return”

Out of the Dark

Funky munky, he read amused, the keys rattling in the lock. An odd name for a store. He wondered what they had sold back in the day. The estate agent had said it hadn’t been in use for over three years now, though the lettering was still there. Easing himself into the room, he stoppedContinue reading “Out of the Dark”


She took a few tentative steps along the bridge before turning around again, her brows creased in anxiety. “Please, can’t we stay together?” she begged him for what felt like the hundredth time. Again, he glanced over his shoulder, a fleeting look of worry. He touched her hand gently. “Go,” he said, his tone urgent.Continue reading “Alone”


**Hey everyone! It’s so great to be back and writing – enjoy today’s entry for FFfAW!** He watched the boys for a few seconds. Tossing about a football, they seemed blissfully unaware of his presence. One of them would do just fine, he thought to himself, smiling slightly. They were about ten years of age,Continue reading “Flawed”

Week of Hell

The restaurant was small, with a slight edge to it, standing forlornly in the middle of the open space. He parked the car in one of the spaces provided around it and killed the engine. Sighing, he sank his head on the wheel. It had been one hell of a week. First the separation withContinue reading “Week of Hell”

The Apartment

He turned away from the window. The view was far too industrial for his liking. The room too did not feel right. He wanted a nice and cosy apartment, but this one felt unwelcoming and hard. He shivered a little. Maybe the heater was just switched off, he thought, but dismissed the thought again whenContinue reading “The Apartment”

Left Behind

He stared through the fence, his heart fracturing into a thousand pieces. There, beyond that fence, his golden retriever lay, howling for him to come back. He waved one last goodbye, then turned his back on the dog as tears started forming in his eyes. He was moving across the ocean to New York andContinue reading “Left Behind”


“There’s his shoes,” she said, pointing at the lone pair on the ground. “So where is he?” “Maybe he’s wearing other shoes,” he replied shrugging. She shook her head. “He never takes different shoes. He loves those shoes.” “He’s probably fine,” he tried to reassure her, gently pushing her towards the door. “He’s fifteen. He canContinue reading “Barefoot”

Behind the Ice

All this ice, he grumbled, trying to chip it off his car window with a scraper. A thick layer of ice had formed on all windows and he couldn’t even see inside the car. He stole a quick glance at his watch, then groaned again. He would never make it to the meeting. And ifContinue reading “Behind the Ice”