The Bad News

She stared out at the dark countryside, waiting for the plane to finally touch down. The last rays of sunshine were breaking through the clouds in the sky, but she knew it was trying to give her hope, make her believe life wasn’t so bad after all. In Boston, her sick father was waiting forContinue reading “The Bad News”


The shadows were lengthening, her time slipping away. She quickened her pace. She had to make it to the end of the tunnel, then it would be easy. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she looked up. The cage-like bars of the tunnel’s roof made her feel slightly insecure, though she was glad that sheContinue reading “Trapped”


She moved her fingers along the spines of the books, feeling their weight underneath them. Scanning for a book she hadn’t read yet, she remembered all those years she had spent in the library, always looking for something new to read. She tried to remember the first time she had walked into the place, butContinue reading “Remembering”


The hallway was long and narrow; the ceilings a lifetime away. He hated the whiteness of the walls, the smell that crept under his skin and buried itself in his nose for hours afterwards. He hated having to come here. He hated the cancer that had so suddenly pounced on his wife. He felt tearsContinue reading “Helpless”

Step After Step

The steps creaked as she placed her foot on them. She cursed herself inwardly, her heart racing so loudly, she could barely hear anything else. It was so silent, she thought, unsure whether that was a good or a bad thing. She stretched out her leg to skip two steps and lightly reached a higherContinue reading “Step After Step”

The Accident

The work in the garage was far from being finished. He could not understand why the worker had just up and left, but he had not returned for two weeks now, nor returned any of his calls. He had come regularly day after day until one day when he simply never showed up. He openedContinue reading “The Accident”

Fake Diamonds

“You can’t be serious,” he said, staring at the pink diamond earrings lying on the counter. “I’m telling you, these aren’t real. They’re fake diamonds,” the old man shrugged apologetically, having encountered similar cases before. “But… this is all she left me!” He looked up at the old man, genuine shock in his face. HeContinue reading “Fake Diamonds”

Too Late

As the red helicopter made its way over to our site, I felt the tears prickling hot against my skin. It was too late. The impact with the tree had smashed his skull hard and I could no longer feel a heartbeat. “He’ll be fine,” some guy next to me said calmly, shielding his eyesContinue reading “Too Late”

Lost at Sea

The boat was so old and rusty, it kept rocking violently from side to side. At least, that was what she first thought was the reason for the endless swaying of the boat. She was concentrated so heavily on moving the oars backwards and forwards, she didn’t even think of looking at the sky. GreyingContinue reading “Lost at Sea”

The Ticking of Life

He stared at the ancient clock for a few seconds. She had inherited it from her grandfather when she was only a child, passing through the generations for even longer than he could remember. Lying amongst her most treasured stones and seashells, he could hear the ceaseless ticking. As though entranced by the sound, hisContinue reading “The Ticking of Life”