Lit Up

She sank onto the steps. They were cold and wet, but she didn’t care. The silence around her felt strange. The city should have been buzzing with life this shortly before Christmas. Though the sky was pitch black, it was only late afternoon. She shook the thoughts away. She knew life was still there. SheContinue reading “Lit Up”

Grain of Salt

She took a gulp of coffee, when her phone beeped. Her mum had hung up on her again. She couldn’t believe it. Her finger tapped the call button again. The sudden jingle made her jump. Hot coffee burned her hand as it spilled out of her mug. “Mum?” she asked, her eyes jumping back andContinue reading “Grain of Salt”

The Visitor

The jingle of the door made her look up, but no one was there. She shrugged and reached for her book again. Perhaps it was just the wind.  She pulled her legs up on the chair into a fetal position.  Late nights were the worst, yet she needed the money. There was another jingle. Again,Continue reading “The Visitor”

Find Her

The train whooshed past him. He braced himself, his eyes trained on the last coach. She was on that train. It was now or never. His right arm caught a metal pole and he was jerked off his feet. He felt the metal burn into the crook of his elbow as he struggled to grabContinue reading “Find Her”

A for Avalanche

He should have known he’d one day regret living at the bottom of a hill. He couldn’t remember why he’d once thought that would be such a great idea, but back then he’d loved it. Everyone walked past his garden. Always waved, friendly or otherwise. He could sit by his gate, watch them all dayContinue reading “A for Avalanche”

Torn Apart

Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.  She buckled and sank to the ground. She didn’t think she was going to last much longer. How could you live through your worst nightmare day after day? She shut her eyes, hoping to block out the memory. The sudden smell caughtContinue reading “Torn Apart”

Out of Focus

She blinked. The porch steps were moving in front of her. Swaying in the rain. She blinked again. She couldn’t see far beyond the steps. The rain and darkness obscured her view. Even so, she didn’t think she’d be able to see well otherwise. Her hand gripped the door until her knuckles turned white. SheContinue reading “Out of Focus”


A smile tugged at her lips as she took a step closer. “This is adorable,” she said, her voice hushed.  It was their one-year anniversary. She hadn’t thought he’d even remember.  She took another step closer, the field of flowers spreading out in front of her.  It was one of a kind. “Just for you,”Continue reading “Anniversary”

Playing With Fire

“I can’t believe we’re finally twenty-one,” she said softly.  I shook my head mutely. It had been a long wait. I looked over at her, about to smile at her, but something caught my eye. Her face was caught in the flame of her sparkler. She looked mesmerized. “Mia?” She stared at the flame forContinue reading “Playing With Fire”


Her head was spinning. Her knees felt like jelly and she could barely stand. She was still panting from running. She couldn’t believe it.  All those late nights and whispered thoughts. He’d been the only one she’d ever trusted. The only one she thought deserved to know the whole story. She still remembered his raggedContinue reading “Numb”