S for Saviour

He winced as the other man removed the wire around his neck. “Thank you so much,” he said, stretching out both his hands, but realising that the man was still holding the wire, he took them back. “You are my saviour. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you.” The man gentlyContinue reading “S for Saviour”

J for Jail

It was the first proper job he had after he changed his identity, but it suited his structured thoughts. He was an architect now, and the town he had moved to was in desperate need of a jail. Two pocket-thieves were being held in cellars and they had already escaped on multiple occasions. He presentedContinue reading “J for Jail”

G for Gagged

She hated herself for going to the party. Hated herself for having to go to the bathroom. Mostly, she hated herself for not knowing how to react. The guy had grabbed her from behind, twisting her arms and knocking the air from her lungs with his fists. She would be taking a course in self-defence.Continue reading “G for Gagged”

The Mouse

He stood staring at the toilet a little while longer. It held memories. When he had been a child, he had accidentally flushed down his pet mouse. He had cried endlessly that day, all alone in the bathroom, staring at the already old and cracked white toilet seat, but the mouse had stayed gone. AtContinue reading “The Mouse”

By the Water

Looking out the window of the room that would soon be his, he could look across at the large brick building that was standing empty too. He frowned. It wasn’t exactly the most beautiful view looking at the worn-down house with the large “for sale” banner, but he supposed someone would move in soon enough.Continue reading “By the Water”


“You severed a limb?” the patrol officer asked, his face shaken with rage, fear and disgust. The distinct shape of an arm could be made out even when they were still meters away from the plastic bag slightly swaying in the evening air. A chill went down his spine. No one for miles around, itContinue reading “Blackmailed”

Forgotten Batteries

That was all she was going to leave me, I thought exasperated, a box full of empty batteries? Looking around the apartment, it felt just as empty there now. All her stuff gone, it was just my tidy little corner of the room that was left. We had had a row the night before. SheContinue reading “Forgotten Batteries”


Time was running out. I paced around the room, frantically trying to figure out what to do. There were no windows. Hell, it looked like there wasn’t even a door. But of course there was. There always was. Somehow, I had been shoved into this room. There were no lamps, no light, and yet IContinue reading “Countdown”

Only a Flower Left

This was it, she thought, as she sat down heavily after the crowds had dispersed. All that was left to her from the man she loved most in the world was a single flower and a cold grey stone, indicating that he was somewhere beneath this earth. She wanted to think he was high upContinue reading “Only a Flower Left”

The Abyss of the Bog

She had only been taking a photo of the landscape in the opposite direction and when she turned back around, he was gone. Searching the area around her feverishly, she suddenly saw a hand shoot out of the ground somewhere ahead of her. Horrified, she recognised it as her husband’s. Ignoring the tug of theContinue reading “The Abyss of the Bog”