Lost at Sea

The boat was so old and rusty, it kept rocking violently from side to side. At least, that was what she first thought was the reason for the endless swaying of the boat. She was concentrated so heavily on moving the oars backwards and forwards, she didn’t even think of looking at the sky. GreyingContinue reading “Lost at Sea”

The Return

She stared at the sea shell for a second, before looking up again. “It’s odd,” she said quietly, “being here again after all this time.” He stayed silent, his hand protectively covering her shoulder. “He beat her up; then, when she was finally unconscious, threw her body into the waves.” Her body shivered at theContinue reading “The Return”


She took a few tentative steps along the bridge before turning around again, her brows creased in anxiety. “Please, can’t we stay together?” she begged him for what felt like the hundredth time. Again, he glanced over his shoulder, a fleeting look of worry. He touched her hand gently. “Go,” he said, his tone urgent.Continue reading “Alone”

Behind the Ice

All this ice, he grumbled, trying to chip it off his car window with a scraper. A thick layer of ice had formed on all windows and he couldn’t even see inside the car. He stole a quick glance at his watch, then groaned again. He would never make it to the meeting. And ifContinue reading “Behind the Ice”

Our House

I stared at the old photograph. Its edges were worn and wrinkled; it had always been lying around on my desk, just waiting for me to finally go down to the shops and buy a frame. The stone house in the picture stirred old memories. It had been our house. My best friend had foundContinue reading “Our House”


The water steadily lapped against the rocks, washing them with foam with each new wave. He stood off to one side, staring at the ocean, yet not quite seeing it. The sound of the water lulled his brain and the wind blew away his troubles. For a few minutes, it was as though it hadContinue reading “Regrets”

Just a Little Poison

I was sitting alone on one of the wooden benches in the teacher’s lounge. Of course, students were never allowed in here, but I had been desperately wanting to talk to my Chemistry teacher and the room had been empty. Lost deep in thought, the sudden footsteps nearly made me jump a mile, but IContinue reading “Just a Little Poison”

The Concert

Looking across the water, he could see the blue glow of the stadium. He thought he could feel the dull thud of the drums as they shook the ground, but he wasn’t sure. He should have been there. They had bought the tickets for the show together, giddy with excitement that they would be theContinue reading “The Concert”


He stared glumly out at the rain. The birds were perched on the telephone cable, their wings drawn tightly around the small bodies, shivering from the cold and wet. He could not see them that clearly – they were too far off for him to see – but he knew that they were cold. ItContinue reading “Birds”

W for Whiskey

She would never see any of this again. All of the carefully selected tools, clothes, lamps, and books. Not a single item would be spared. She despised the man who slapped away her hand and stared in her eyes long enough to remember exactly what they looked like. She hated them all. All those wealthyContinue reading “W for Whiskey”