Grain of Salt

She took a gulp of coffee, when her phone beeped. Her mum had hung up on her again. She couldn’t believe it. Her finger tapped the call button again. The sudden jingle made her jump. Hot coffee burned her hand as it spilled out of her mug. “Mum?” she asked, her eyes jumping back andContinue reading “Grain of Salt”

The Visitor

The jingle of the door made her look up, but no one was there. She shrugged and reached for her book again. Perhaps it was just the wind.  She pulled her legs up on the chair into a fetal position.  Late nights were the worst, yet she needed the money. There was another jingle. Again,Continue reading “The Visitor”

Find Her

The train whooshed past him. He braced himself, his eyes trained on the last coach. She was on that train. It was now or never. His right arm caught a metal pole and he was jerked off his feet. He felt the metal burn into the crook of his elbow as he struggled to grabContinue reading “Find Her”

Out of Focus

She blinked. The porch steps were moving in front of her. Swaying in the rain. She blinked again. She couldn’t see far beyond the steps. The rain and darkness obscured her view. Even so, she didn’t think she’d be able to see well otherwise. Her hand gripped the door until her knuckles turned white. SheContinue reading “Out of Focus”

The Writing Group

He turned on the lights and squinted in surprise. Cob webs covered the place from head to toe, but the light bulbs must have been replaced recently. He shivered. This was where they were meeting? He could only imagine: Dark writers had a strange fondness of odd places. Carefully, he worked his way inside, makingContinue reading “The Writing Group”

In the Shed

She rounded the corner and held her nose, trying to escape the smell. They’d have to clear this place out, she thought, sighing. A grimy toilet was inside the tiny shed. She rolled up her sleeves, then paused. Maybe she’d ask her husband to do it. She hated cleaning out things and with her allergies,Continue reading “In the Shed”

The Bad News

She stared out at the dark countryside, waiting for the plane to finally touch down. The last rays of sunshine were breaking through the clouds in the sky, but she knew it was trying to give her hope, make her believe life wasn’t so bad after all. In Boston, her sick father was waiting forContinue reading “The Bad News”


The shadows were lengthening, her time slipping away. She quickened her pace. She had to make it to the end of the tunnel, then it would be easy. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she looked up. The cage-like bars of the tunnel’s roof made her feel slightly insecure, though she was glad that sheContinue reading “Trapped”


The hallway was long and narrow; the ceilings a lifetime away. He hated the whiteness of the walls, the smell that crept under his skin and buried itself in his nose for hours afterwards. He hated having to come here. He hated the cancer that had so suddenly pounced on his wife. He felt tearsContinue reading “Helpless”

The Accident

The work in the garage was far from being finished. He could not understand why the worker had just up and left, but he had not returned for two weeks now, nor returned any of his calls. He had come regularly day after day until one day when he simply never showed up. He openedContinue reading “The Accident”