He bent down on the wooden planks, his old bones creaking as he leaned towards the shoes. The material was a faded grey, washed far too many times. He remembered wanting to throw them out. He almost had, he remembered smiling. But then she’d begged him. Pleaded with her wide emerald green eyes that heContinue reading “Gone”


“There’s his shoes,” she said, pointing at the lone pair on the ground. “So where is he?” “Maybe he’s wearing other shoes,” he replied shrugging. She shook her head. “He never takes different shoes. He loves those shoes.” “He’s probably fine,” he tried to reassure her, gently pushing her towards the door. “He’s fifteen. He canContinue reading “Barefoot”

In Broad Daylight

“It was really dark last night, but I’m pretty sure this is the place,” she said, shivering again. “So you have no idea who it was that came at you from behind?” he asked, though he had asked before and knew the answer. “No,” she shook her head and turned away. “Look, I really don’tContinue reading “In Broad Daylight”


“You never do anything halfway…” she said, looking at him questioningly. Half of the parrot sculpture had been painted a rich blue, while the other half was still bare and white. Perhaps he wasn’t done yet, she thought, shrugging. “You’re right,” he said, watching her closely. “I never do anything only halfway. I’m not theContinue reading “Betrayals”

The Grave

The bone lay openly on the brick wall. I gulped and took a step closer, shortening the rope of my dog’s leash. I didn’t know what kind of bone it was, but it looked slightly raw and the edges were ragged, as though there had been meat on it just hours before. I felt sick.Continue reading “The Grave”

Night at the Motel

**Sorry, sorry, sorry. Yes, I know, this turned out way longer than I expected to. The muse just carried me away. I’ll try and keep it shorter again next time!** “Perfect!” he chirped. “There’s a motel right here. Pull over, darling. This is where we can spend our night.” She smiled slightly, not replying. HeContinue reading “Night at the Motel”

The Piano Corpse

“This can’t be that hard,” the detective said, his lips pulled downwards into a frown. “The corpse of a child placed deliberately with his finger on the piano,” his partner said, regarding the series of photos closely. “No fingerprints, no clues. There’s no way we’re going to solve this crime anytime soon.” They entered theContinue reading “The Piano Corpse”

Friday, the 13th

**HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!** I stepped closer towards the window, holding the edges of my dress to stop me from tripping over it. I cursed, nearly tripping in my heels. I should never have worn this outfit. I had to be down there in ten minutes, I thought, looking at the reflection in the windowContinue reading “Friday, the 13th”

The Burial

“Didn’t you bring a shovel?” “Shovel? You never said anything about a shovel!” “A paint brush? Are you kidding me? What the hell are we meant to do with that?” “You told me to bring a paint brush and a lamp!” “How are you planning on burying the body with a paint brush?” “I don’tContinue reading “The Burial”

X for Xandria

I had waited years for this day, but now that the ancient famous aircraft stood before me, all I could think of was the plane crashing with my wife inside. I stared at the cockpit and wondered what the pilot had been thinking when he realised that the aircraft was sinking. They said it wasContinue reading “X for Xandria”