I watched the hand curl around the door, the long fingernails digging into the wood. In the shadowy moonlight, I could see the knuckles turning white. The door creaked. It was standing half ajar, but I was sitting in the dark, hidden away from the outside. All I could see was the door. The doorContinue reading “Forgiveness”

A New Life

He took one step at a time. Carefully placing one foot above the other, he hoisted himself up the steps. They were uneven and covered in grass, but he did not seem to notice. His thoughts were elsewhere; the steps a lifetime away. He kept seeing the shocked face, inches from his. First the happiness,Continue reading “A New Life”


He stared at the photograph. The colours were already starting to fade and the corners had been folded by accident when it had slipped behind the desk. He remembered the spot exactly. It had been his favourite place as a child. Sitting on the rocks, listening to the wind rustle through the leaves of theContinue reading “Remember”

The Perfect Spot

Carefully, she peaked over the edge of the leaves. The rusty red of the car seemed to shimmer as the sunlight reflected off of it. She smiled to herself, her eyes slowly scanning her surroundings. This was the place. She remembered it so well. Deciding that there was no one to hide from, she pushedContinue reading “The Perfect Spot”

Perfectly Prepared

She swivelled around on her chair and eyed the large cupboard. Proudly, her eyes scanned through the boxes of snacks and treats. Yes. This might just get her through this year’s NaNo. Last year, she just hadn’t had enough food and then she had wasted time going out to buy more. Obviously that’s what stoppedContinue reading “Perfectly Prepared”

Step After Step

The steps creaked as she placed her foot on them. She cursed herself inwardly, her heart racing so loudly, she could barely hear anything else. It was so silent, she thought, unsure whether that was a good or a bad thing. She stretched out her leg to skip two steps and lightly reached a higherContinue reading “Step After Step”

Fake Diamonds

“You can’t be serious,” he said, staring at the pink diamond earrings lying on the counter. “I’m telling you, these aren’t real. They’re fake diamonds,” the old man shrugged apologetically, having encountered similar cases before. “But… this is all she left me!” He looked up at the old man, genuine shock in his face. HeContinue reading “Fake Diamonds”

Too Late

As the red helicopter made its way over to our site, I felt the tears prickling hot against my skin. It was too late. The impact with the tree had smashed his skull hard and I could no longer feel a heartbeat. “He’ll be fine,” some guy next to me said calmly, shielding his eyesContinue reading “Too Late”

The Ticking of Life

He stared at the ancient clock for a few seconds. She had inherited it from her grandfather when she was only a child, passing through the generations for even longer than he could remember. Lying amongst her most treasured stones and seashells, he could hear the ceaseless ticking. As though entranced by the sound, hisContinue reading “The Ticking of Life”

Out of the Dark

Funky munky, he read amused, the keys rattling in the lock. An odd name for a store. He wondered what they had sold back in the day. The estate agent had said it hadn’t been in use for over three years now, though the lettering was still there. Easing himself into the room, he stoppedContinue reading “Out of the Dark”