J for Jail

It was the first proper job he had after he changed his identity, but it suited his structured thoughts. He was an architect now, and the town he had moved to was in desperate need of a jail. Two pocket-thieves were being held in cellars and they had already escaped on multiple occasions. He presentedContinue reading “J for Jail”

M for Missing

**Hello and sorry everyone! I just missed out on days I, J, K and L… I haven’t given up completely however, so I shall just continue with day M today.** She didn’t know what to do. She should be running. The man with the silver slipper was here. She stood lined up in a row,Continue reading “M for Missing”

H for Heroes

“Sure we can pull this off,” the meerkat said rolling his eyes. “We can’t kill him! What if the zookeeper hears him?” the other one said, looking around their little room anxiously. “He won’t hear a thing, because he won’t scream. He trusts us,” he said, walking towards the little opening that led to theContinue reading “H for Heroes”

G for Gagged

She hated herself for going to the party. Hated herself for having to go to the bathroom. Mostly, she hated herself for not knowing how to react. The guy had grabbed her from behind, twisting her arms and knocking the air from her lungs with his fists. She would be taking a course in self-defence.Continue reading “G for Gagged”

F for Fiery

This was it. This was where she lived. He looked about himself uncertainly. Was he really going to do this? Yes. The fiery red vine leaves that raked up the side of the building were beautiful and it reminded him of his little sister and her love for red flowers. He knew he was atContinue reading “F for Fiery”

E for Eerie

I was going to post this last night, but my internet crashed just as I was about to hit publish. Anyway, it’s back up now, and the post has finally arrived on my blog! 🙂 Enjoy **Hey everyone! So I thought I would make this more fun by joining the A to Z blogging challenge!Continue reading “E for Eerie”