A for Avalanche

He should have known he’d one day regret living at the bottom of a hill. He couldn’t remember why he’d once thought that would be such a great idea, but back then he’d loved it. Everyone walked past his garden. Always waved, friendly or otherwise. He could sit by his gate, watch them all dayContinue reading “A for Avalanche”

X for Xandria

I had waited years for this day, but now that the ancient famous aircraft stood before me, all I could think of was the plane crashing with my wife inside. I stared at the cockpit and wondered what the pilot had been thinking when he realised that the aircraft was sinking. They said it wasContinue reading “X for Xandria”

W for Whiskey

She would never see any of this again. All of the carefully selected tools, clothes, lamps, and books. Not a single item would be spared. She despised the man who slapped away her hand and stared in her eyes long enough to remember exactly what they looked like. She hated them all. All those wealthyContinue reading “W for Whiskey”

V for Vacant

“Table for four, please,” the old man requested. The new waiter took him to the middle of the room, wondering whether the other three would soon arrive. He brought four menus to the table, then settled back behind the bar to polish the glasses. He frowned when no one came, but shrugged it away quickly.Continue reading “V for Vacant”

U for Usurp

This was the perfect costume, he thought grinning to himself, as he climbed into the massive rubbery dinosaur costume. A little too large, but there was a perfect opening for the mouth which he could not only use to see through, but also to spray the chloroform he was carrying. Ready to go, he easedContinue reading “U for Usurp”

T for Traffic

“I’m sure that the little girl in that back seat was signing us…” he said next to her, staring at the blue car in front of them. “Oh don’t you start your theories again. You don’t always have to think everyone is talking to you or about you,” she replied, rolling her eyes, but sneakingContinue reading “T for Traffic”

S for Saviour

He winced as the other man removed the wire around his neck. “Thank you so much,” he said, stretching out both his hands, but realising that the man was still holding the wire, he took them back. “You are my saviour. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you.” The man gentlyContinue reading “S for Saviour”

R for Rain

He stared up at the windmill. It was ancient, perhaps centuries old, and yet it still towered over him in this desolate place, the gigantic wings still slowly turning. He thought it was long abandoned, but it didn’t make sense that the wings were still turning in that case. Unsure, he looked towards the door,Continue reading “R for Rain”

O for Oil

He had seen everything happen as though in slow motion. The car zooming by beneath his window, illuminated by headlights and streetlights. The traffic lights switching from green to red and back to green again. Over and over again. He stood staring, stuck in his mind, seeing the cars but not really seeing them. HeContinue reading “O for Oil”

K for Key

“Those are the directions…” He scrunched up his face, staring at the map he was holding. It was ancient, but he knew that they were in the right place, even if it barely resembled the real landscape. Thousands of years later, people were still looking for the key. It was made of pure gold, ifContinue reading “K for Key”