The Visitor

The jingle of the door made her look up, but no one was there. She shrugged and reached for her book again. Perhaps it was just the wind. 

She pulled her legs up on the chair into a fetal position. 

Late nights were the worst, yet she needed the money.

There was another jingle.

Again, no one.

Carefully, she placed her book on the table.

The air around her vibrated. Shaking off her worst fears, she stood up.

That was when the cold hand clamped over her mouth and the maniacal laughing behind her started.

© 2020, Friday Fictioneers, 11 September 2020

Photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

16 responses to “The Visitor”

  1. Not just a visitor but a visitation

  2. Dear Fia,

    An ominous ending.



  3. Well, that’s never a a good sign…

  4. Oh, of course. That’s what one gets for reading late at night. Good story.

  5. Gave me the chills, it did. Good job.

  6. Cant help but think she’s in for a bumpy ride. Chilling stuff

  7. I feared there was something coming for her…

  8. Egad! Nothing good can happen next!

  9. Really atmospheric, I dread to think about what followed.

    Here’s mine!

  10. This is not gonna end well. Nice build up of suspense 😊

  11. Late night practical jokes are the worst.

  12. I do not envy night clerks who work alone in any way, shape, or form. Maybe the video surveillance can help police find the perpetrators when they discover her body.

  13. Great setting and writing! Last sentence has left me shocked and in suspense.

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