Find Her

The train whooshed past him. He braced himself, his eyes trained on the last coach. She was on that train. It was now or never.

His right arm caught a metal pole and he was jerked off his feet. He felt the metal burn into the crook of his elbow as he struggled to grab hold with his left hand. 

“No…” A whisper.

He pulled himself up. It was her.

“You weren’t supposed to find me,” she hissed. Her hands curled around his neck. He couldn’t move, felt the wind around them and the fingers tightening. 

She stared at him for a second, then spat in his face. “Don’t ever come back.” 

Her hands were faster than his brain. He flailed his arms in shock, then fell backwards and watched the train shoot away into the night.

© 2020, Friday Fictioneers, 8 August 2020

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

10 responses to “Find Her”

  1. Wow, good twist on the classic romance plot. Well done.

  2. Dear Fia,

    When she said she didn’t want to be found, she meant it. Ouch



  3. Some guys need more than a hint that no means no!

  4. I imagine he’s finally got the message. Nice one.

  5. Dumb guy. He’s lucky she didn’t strangle him. At least he’ll live to love again. Or stalk again, whichever is his true persona.

  6. Wow. That did not go as planned. Well told story in whoosh.

  7. So at last he got the message- no means no.

  8. Intriguing story that makes me want to know more.

  9. A lot of action, I could well imagine it. An an unusual twist. Nice one.

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