The Perfect Spot

Carefully, she peaked over the edge of the leaves. The rusty red of the car seemed to shimmer as the sunlight reflected off of it.

She smiled to herself, her eyes slowly scanning her surroundings. This was the place. She remembered it so well.

Deciding that there was no one to hide from, she pushed herself through the leaves towards the car.

Taking in the missing windows from the car, she thought back to when she had first found this place. It hadn’t been that long ago. At least, it felt like it had been only yesterday.

Bending through the window frame, she reached out her hand and stroked the cold hard skin of her mother, taking in the wound in the chest that had gotten bigger since she last saw it.

Her smile froze on her face when she heard a twig snap behind her. Her hand slowly reaching towards the gun in her pocket, her mind spiralled in a million different directions.

“Police,” a cold voice said from behind her. She whirled around, but before she could align the gun, she heard a different shot, then fell down on her knees, her gun dropping uselessly to the floor.

© 2017

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Week of March 14, 2017

Photo prompt provided by Tom Livingston with the blog The ForesterArtist

25 responses to “The Perfect Spot”

  1. Naughty girl for murdering mother. She led the police right to the evidence they needed.

    1. Very naughty girl. At least not a very smart one at that.

      1. True. No criminal mastermind.

  2. Great read. I really enjoyed this.

    1. Thank you 🙂

  3. michael1148humphris

    Intriguing –

  4. Chilling story! Sounds like she killed her mother and because she went back to the crime scene she got caught by the police! Great story! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge. We are happy you have joined us!

    1. That pretty much sums it up!
      Thank you, I’m happy to join too 🙂

  5. Great take on the prompt. Sounds like she got what she deserved.

  6. Never go back to the scene of your crime!

    Good story.

    1. Never a good idea.. Thank you 🙂

  7. Wow! You kept me wondering what would happen and the ending was a great twist.

  8. She got what she deserved. Good writing.

  9. Why is it that murderers always have to get back to the scene of their crime? It’s stupid. Makes good stories, though ^^

    1. Definitely stupid, but at least the police can catch ’em that way 🙂

  10. Perhaps it was the police that wounded her mother… and she was the hero trying to protect her. Great story Fia.

    1. Ooh, nice twist you’ve thought of there! Who knows – anything is possible..

  11. Something must have drawn her back. Guilt maybe? Excellent.

    Click to read my story

    1. Or pride, if she was that sick.. Thank you!

  12. Now that is one woman I wouldn’t want to mess with, I say, good riddance, This story gets me thinking though, what was it that made her snap that she had to kill her mothe

  13. A gripping little tale – so many questions.

  14. You write suspense amazingly

    1. Thank you!

  15. So spooky, I loved it. Have you written any books? I would definitely read a longer version of any of your pieces.

    1. Thank you! I’m really glad you loved it.
      I haven’t published any novels yet, but I’m currently working on a psychological thriller and hoping to publish that once it’s done! I’ll be sure to blog about that too.

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