The Alibi

He stared outside at the glum world below. The cable car was going at an alarmingly slow speed, crawling up the hill. He sighed and hoped that he would not be late to the meeting. His boss had already called him once before, warning him that this meeting was important and he couldn’t afford to be late.

The man sitting opposite of him was fidgeting uncomfortably. He had a strange feeling that this guy was up to something, but it could have been the aftermath of what happened that made him think that way.

After a while, he got so fidgety, he stood up and turned away from the businessman to look out the window. When he turned back around, he looked calmer. A gun was in his hand.

“I’m sorry,” he said apologetically, as the other man’s eyes bulged. “You wouldn’t have an alibi if I didn’t kill you too. It’s quick and painless with a gun, trust me.”

Before the businessman could say another word, the man fired the gun, first at the other, then at himself. The glass of the cable car shattered as the bullet went through the body and hit it.

© 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction, May 15th 2016

6 responses to “The Alibi”

  1. An awkward crime scene lol.

    1. Thanks for reading! Definitely not the usual crime scene 😉

  2. Thoughtful, sparing the poor businessman the hassle of a trial.

    1. Indeed very thoughtful of him 😉

  3. That bullet will be impossible to find. Would love to see them do a CSI trick on that one 😉

    Good story.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Me too!

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