By the Water

Looking out the window of the room that would soon be his, he could look across at the large brick building that was standing empty too. He frowned. It wasn’t exactly the most beautiful view looking at the worn-down house with the large “for sale” banner, but he supposed someone would move in soon enough.

Just then, he saw someone on the roof of the building. Squinting, he picked up his binoculars. A small woman stood poised on the edge, staring into the water below. Then, barely moving, she dropped herself and plummeted down into the foamy waves. Her body bounced off the rocks and then it lay still, calmly floating downstream.

© 2016

Friday Fictioneers, 18 March 2016

Photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

4 responses to “By the Water”

  1. ouuu, shivers up my spine. Great write.

    1. Thank you! Such a horrible coincidence for him to witness a suicide just as he had fallen in love with the house and room.

  2. Ominous beginnings for a place that he has begun to like! Intriguing beginning to a much larger piece???

    1. Perhaps, perhaps – it definitely serves as a great beginning! 😉

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