The Party

“But this is the middle of nowhere,” she said, looking around.

“I swear, they said we would meet here,” he seemed to look as perplexed as she felt, his eyes scanning the horizon. Parking the car neatly in one of the many empty spots, he killed the engine.

“So this um party we’re meant to be going to,” she said, “who exactly is throwing it?”

“Just some guys I hang out with at uni,” he replied, shrugging, looking around the empty parking lot. Apart from one single trash can beside their car, there was nothing there. It looked like the large building they were facing was an old Walmart that had been left empty and was now decaying, but he wasn’t sure.

“’Some guys?’” she drew quotations marks with her fingers in the air. “What do you mean ‘some guys’? Let’s just leave, please. This isn’t the kind of party I want to be at.”

When he turned to look at her, she nearly shrank away from the cold empty eyes.
“We’re not leaving. They’ll be here any second now.”

Just then they heard loud voices beside the car.


“You made it”

“What number victim does that make her?”

© 2016

FFftPP, Week #11 – 2016

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6 responses to “The Party”

  1. Oh yikes, scary and awful ending. I hope she gets away some how!

    1. I hope so too! Who knows, maybe she’s stronger and faster than any of them could have imagined..

      1. Well, they say when your in mortal peril, sometimes people have ‘super human’ abilities like strength, or ability to run fast and far. Let’s hope!

  2. Oh my! Chilling! It’s not a party she wants to be at and I don’t blame her. Great story!

    1. I certainly wouldn’t want to be at that party either! Thank you.

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