Amidst the Ruins

I turned at the sound of steps and ragged breathing, just in time to see her make her way over to me.

“Here?” she said between breaths. “Why do you make me trudge all this way up here? Couldn’t we have met somewhere slightly more…convenient?”

I shrugged. ‘Here’ was at the top of the hill in midst the old ruins of what once must have been an impressive castle. I was sitting on one of the stones that lay forlorn in the middle of it, gazing across our town below. She sat down beside me.

“We used to go here all the time,” I said. “Remember? When you first moved here. We explored this place inside out, playing knights and whatnot.”

She nodded slowly. “Of course I remember that.” She shot me a sideways glance. “But you still haven’t explained to me what you wanted to tell me.”

“I’m moving,” I said after a while, tears glistening in the corners of my eyes. “We always used to promise how we would graduate together.”

At a loss for words, she drew her arms around me and I sank into her, crying properly for the first time in days.

© 2016

FFfAW, Week 03-08-2016

Photo prompt provided by Louise with the Storyteller’s Abode

6 responses to “Amidst the Ruins”

  1. A very touching story. She is moving away from her best friend. You built up the mystery beautifully and delivered a very touching, surprise ending. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you – I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Sad one. It would be so difficult moving away from your best friend, lucky know there FB, text messaging, snapchat etc. And they can always visit each other.

    1. Yeah, it must have been far harder to reach a friend who lived far away without any internet or easy transport.

  3. Sad but how lucky to have such a friend who really loves you. Great story!😊

    1. Yeah, they are very lucky to have one another – even though now one of them is moving away.

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