The Chateau

“You’re really selling it?” he asked the woman for the ump-teenth time.

“Of course,” she replied, smiling at him. “I have no use for a chateau like this. Though naturally I am loath to let it go…”

He looked at her for a second. She wanted him to have it; he could sense it. Millions of alarm bells were ringing in his head, but he could simply not leave without buying the villa. It was simply beautiful. Sure, it might need some reparations here or there… But all in all, he already loved it.

“After you,” she said, nodding into the dark house. Carefully, he stepped inside. Beneath his feet, the floorboards creaked, then gave away. Shocked to silence, he plunged into blackness.

Somewhere far above him, he could hear the woman’s voice.

“All’s done,” she said into her phone. “We’ve got him. There’s no way he’s getting out this time.”

© 2016

Friday Fictioneers, 29th January 2016

5 responses to “The Chateau”

  1. Ooh I love how you added that twist in the end there. It made me reread the whole story because I had to rethink the woman’s motives. Nicely done 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  2. Dear Felicia,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I guess you could say he literally fell for the Chateau. Nicely done. One word though…since we’re about using the photo prompt, I’d ask that you use the photo in your post. It links us all together in the challenge. (I hope that made sense.)



    1. Thank you!
      I added the photo as the featured picture, but I hadn’t realised that it wouldn’t show up in the actual post that way… Will fix that asap! Thank you for letting me know.
      Best wishes,

      1. No problem. I’ve had some writers not use the photo because of copyright. But everyone has express permission to use it in their post, just not for any other use, such as printing it in a published book. etc.

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