Dreams of Holiday

The last time, everything fit in three duffles, I thought angrily as I shoved my clothes into the bags. All three of them were so full that the zipper wouldn’t even close and I was far from done. There were dirty clothes thrown carelessly across the hotel floor, which I would have to somehow manage to shove into the bags.

Sighing with frustration, I walked to the window doors. I had left them open, so that I could hear all the screaming and sounds from below.

The hotel was situated right at the beach and the short white sand led directly into the ocean, so that I merely had to descend the stairs that led down from my balcony and I would be crossing the beach already.

I had arrived at the hotel that very morning. So excited was I, that I emptied all my bags and spread everything across my room. The plan had been to stay here for three weeks. Three weeks of sunshine, white sand and the endless blue ocean. Sometime around midday, I had walked to the balcony to race down to the beach.

That was when it had started. Opening the windows only then, I heard the screaming that must have been going on since that very morning. Massive crabs were going berserk along the beach, attacking the people lying there.

There was no way I would ever stay here for three weeks! Crabs the length of my arm were seizing up the beach and all its inhabitants.

As I reached the window doors to my balcony, I had just enough time to see the crab hungrily crawling across the stones, before slamming the doors shut.

© 2016

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner Week #5

3 responses to “Dreams of Holiday”

  1. This is why I love our beaches here in Michigan–no giant crabs! 🙂 That would definitely ruin a vacation!

    1. Yes, I’m lucky not to have run into any giant crabs on the beach before either!

  2. Attack of the giant crabs! Way to ruin a vacation lol

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