The Phone Call

“Hello? Henry?”
There was a slight huff at the other side that she took as a yes.

“Please, I’m really sorry,” she said, knowing that he wouldn’t say anything. “It’s really not what you think it is. I was merely hanging out with him, he’s an old friend of mine, and he came over for the weekend. Sure, we were drunk and all,” she rambled on, “he wanted to know what clubs were like here in London, so I took him to one. And yes, I did have one too many drinks, but there was nothing between us. Ever. Henry? Henry? Nothing happened.” There was silence. “Please say something, dear!” She was a little frantic now, holding the phone close to her ear, cradling it and wishing that he would reply to her. Just a word to acknowledge that he had been listening. “Henry?”

After a second there was a scream down the line. “Janet…” he cried out from the other end, then the line went dead.

“Henry? Henry! What’s happening?!” When she looked at her phone and realised that he had hung up, she started laughing. That’s it, Henry, she thought, continuing to cackle with laughter, and nobody can say I wasn’t the caring wife.

© 2016

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